Do you ever feel annoyed when somebody looks at their phone when you’re talking?


Mmmmm…for me, probably yes.

As an introduction,

I thought I would post this picture I took in London. It’s at my favorite restaurant called Sketch. Sketch is a very large restaurant with beautiful interior designed rooms, each unique, and creates different ambiances that can attract anyone that wants to have a memorable time. This room is called “The Gallery” and everything in the room is pink and there’s a wall filled with raunchy drawings that can make you so uncomfortable, but it’s absolutely hilarious. When I entered “The Gallery”, I think the first thing I observed was if the people at the tables were really listening to their girlfriend or boyfriend or just friends in general. I saw some people glued to their phones and busy taking selfies, then posting it up on their social media. I’m pretty guilty of that too. I enjoy taking selfies and capturing every moment. I’m also guilty of posting it on social media. I’m trying my best not to upload every moment in my life. But to get the heart of point, I want to emphasize that we should enjoy the moment without the phones at a restaurant, or dinner with your family because human connection is so important to us. I think we all want to express ourselves to other people but we’re using our phones too much and so we’re losing the ability to express our thoughts and feelings in person.

Here’s where the truth hurts,

I’ve used a dating app to meet people. I talked a couple of people online and then met some in person. What I said online or how I expressed myself to them, was totally different in comparison to how I expressed myself when I actually met them. I didn’t have that personal interaction with the people I met because I’ve only talked to them online; they can’t see my facial expressions, or hand movements, or hear how I speak. It was so hard, especially when I’m an introvert, to express my thoughts and feelings to that person because we’ve only spoken online.  I realized I needed the “in person” or well, human interaction first and not the “online talking” to be able to express myself. I took human interaction for granted. Also, pictures hardly tell you everything about a person. You can take a lot of pictures and it still won’t help. I remember one of the people I met called me STUCK UP because of how I portrayed myself. IT HURT. OKAY. It was AWKWARD. (By the way, I deleted the app because it was too tedious).

I’m honestly drifting off the main point…,


Human connection will always be essential in everyday life. It’s honestly better to express your thoughts, opinions, or what’s happening in your life to the person you’re hanging out with or dating or whatever than take selfies and post it on social media often. Take a social media break and just talk to the people around you, and enjoy what’s happening in front of you. (Also, don’t judge a book by its cover and call them STUCKUP…I’m still hurt by what this person said about me and my photos..)

(You can imagine me crying over this because I love photography. I had no intentions of looking stuck up…)

If you read all of this,

Thank you so much for reading and I hope it motivates you to take a social media break and be with the ones you love. XOXO

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